Vegetables at Blue Ribbon Farm

Blue Ribbon Farm grows vegetables 10 months of the year and harvests 12 months of the year in the high tunnel greenhouses heated purely by the sun’s solar power. No need to rely on long distance transport when vegetables can be grown right here in Maine to provide fresh, local and healthy food. Influenced by vegetable guru, Elliot Coleman of Harborside, Maine, the Burr’s have used Coleman’s research and practice of growing vegetables year round under winter conditions. The Burr’s erected their first 30’ x 48’ greenhouse in 2008 and it did so well, they added a 30' by 60' two years ago, more than doubling production. In addition, they have constructed a vegetable processing shed where the vegetables can be washed, boxed and chilled just steps from where they are grown. Blue Ribbon Farm has extensive outside gardens where heat loving vegetables are grown in organic soils during the summer months.  They are started in the greenhouses and transferred outside where they grow aided by summer rains. Late October and November see the high-tunnel greenhouses planted to winter crops which allow for harvesting throughout the winter months. Planting begins again mid-February as the length of the day exceeds 10 hours of sunlight. By early March, the first of the year’s vegetables are again ready for harvest.